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Dark Domain is a Fantasy Driven MMORPG game that provides dark style themed and a great storyline for users. Currently, the game is available for Android and iOS users but you can play the game on PC by following the step by step guide given below:-

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At the beginning of the game, you will be given a choice to choose between different kinds of heroes which include mage, assassin, ranger, and warrior. After the character, selection type its name and wait for a short time to load the game. Once the game load you will be spawned to a kingdom where you will find a friend named “Aurora” which will help you to understand the basic of the game and even help you to get your weapon. Now wander around the town and talk to people to get rewards or skills which will help you to beat monsters.

Once you obtain skills you can fight the monsters. You can visit the battlefield and fight with monsters. Don’t worry your ability and power is way too much for the grunt enemy to beat. Once the minions are beaten you will be head over to the enemy boss. Beat the enemy boss with your power and a new path will be opened to progress your story further. After defeating a boss you will receive certain rewards and exp points.

On the top bar of the screen, you can view your health, quest and team status while other commands are related to the gameplay, inventory, and store. You will be given the option to upgrade your skill effect so that you can defeat powerful enemy easily but you need to spend the gold coins and your character should match the desired level. You can battle with other players and also challenge guild to fight with their members. If you meet the strong opponent in the game you can call out your guild members and defeat that foe.

Currently, the game can be playable on Android v4.3+ and on iOS 8.0 or above. As per the source, there are more than 100,000+ users installed the game on their phone.


If you want to try Dark Domain game on your computer then I am leaving step by step instructions below:-

Download Dark Domain APK on Mobile Phone

Google Play Store

Apple Itunes

Download Dark Domain on PC

Dark Domain game is specifically designed for Android and iOS users but you can play the game on a computer using software like Bluestack and Noxplayer.

Play Dark Domain on Bluestack

  1. Visit the official Bluestack Website in your Computer ( 
  2. Click on Download button and Install the Software on your computer.
  3. Once installed run the software. It may take one to five minutes for the software to load on the PC.
  4. Once the software is loaded you will be taken to the dashboard. On the dashboard of the screen click on icon Play Store.
  5. On Play Store icon click on the Search field and type Dark Domain and click on Enter.
  6. Now visit the Dark Domain page and then click on Install Button. Once installed you can go back to the dashboard page and click on the game icon to Start playing it.

Alternate Way to Play Dark Domain on Noxplayer

  • First Visit the official Nox Player website (
  • Now scroll down and search for buttons Download Nox For Windows / Download Nox For Mac.
  • Once downloaded run the software. It may take upto 5 minutes to load the software files on your computer.
  • Once the software files are loaded you will be taken to the dashboard page where you find icons like Browser and Play Store Search.
  • Go to Play Store and Sign-in To Your Google Account. Search for Dark Domain APK and Install it on your phone.
  • Once The Game Application is Installed Go to the Dashboard and Tap on the application to run the game.


Games Emulator takes a hefty amount of memory to load and run a game smoothly on your computer so make sure you have at least 4 GB of Ram and Core i3 Processor. Computer specifications lower than that may hang the game during gameplay.

A look at the Game

That’s All! Leave a comment in the description and tell us about your experience with the game. 

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